War Galley™ XII



The War Galley™ XII is made of solid titanium with full tang construction, built for rugged use and abuse. Corrosion resistant, its home is the sea. This blade is a great companion piece for water adventures (diving, boating, rafting) as well as tactical and survival purposes.

Purchase Yours Today! Only 600 were produced.


• Double-Edged, Large Serrations
• Full Tang
• Self-Locking Tactical Sheath with Detachable Survival Pouch
• Removable Handle Scales
• Enlarged Pommel for
Striking & Hammering


• Blade Length: 6.5"
• Overall Length: 12"
• Overall Weight: 11 ounces
• Blade: .20” thick Solid Titanium (TC4)
• Handle Material: Rubberized Polymer (TPA)
• Sheath Material: Polymer


Original Designs by M.D. Wallisch


No shipping to:
California, Massachusetts or New York.

Note: When seating the knife in the sheath, tilt tip of blade slightly forward to clear the compression tab, which is located on the back wall of the sheath. The compression tab is designed to hold the knife securely in the sheath.

War Galley Kinfe - USGladius
War Galley XII Marine Logo
War Galley XII Marine Logo

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